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Founded in 1999, The Budgerigar Association of America (BAA) is a National Association which facilitates the exhibition of English Budgerigars (budgies or parakeets) at local shows sponsored by affiliated clubs. Recognition is given to the top exhibitors annually in each of the 5 divisions: Champion, Rare, Intermediate, Novice and Junior.

The association has several local club affiliates across the USA. Each year, one of the clubs hosts an annual Grand National Exhibition held in conjunction with our Annual Board Meeting and Judges Panel Meeting. In addition to the annual meeting, many of the local affiliated clubs hold regular monthly meetings with opportunities for education and social contact. All persons interested in budgies are welcome to attend all meetings and club functions.

Although the main focus of the association is supporting the showing and breeding of quality exhibition type 'English' budgerigars, club members also provide guidance and information on keeping pet budgies or common pet parakeets. Please explore our site to learn more about this fascinating hobby.

Members receive a printed Journal four times a year with news, breeding and showing tips and updates on the Association.